Gluten free, with a real fear of missing out. This is my journey of experimentation and discovery, recreating food memories that are gluten free, tasty and fernweh inciting.

I love the idea that food and flavours can transport us from an everyday moment to a specific time, place and experience that fills your soul, as well as your stomach.

At least, this idea is one that is true for me, a simple tang of sour or zing of fire can immediately transport me to the laneways of Sorrento, wandering and nibbling on a spicy caramella from one of the many hundred producers, or singing along with Tony in his limoncello shop while savouring the most deliciously sour candied lemons.

It’s moments and memories like these that flood my mind with flavour and I just have to find a way to grab it, recreate it, and reimagine the recipe into reality.

These are the moments, much like food, that were made to be shared. So let me take you on a journey through my culinary wanderings and share my experiences and recipes with you.

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